Product Idea #01: Archive of My Dead Products

January 24, 2019

This is part of my 2019 todo: evaluate 24 product ideas as solo developer.


I build quite a few products over the years, which many of them failed and fall into oblivians. I wanted to create a page to archive these projects:

  • to remember/show what I build in the past
  • to share a postmoterm of why it fail

I go this idea when I was refreshing my CV and building a personal profile/portfolio page, which I realized I have forgotten about some projects or I no longer have any material to prove their existance (webpage no longer online, no screen capture).


This is probably a very tiny niche. There are a few products which focus on high profile product failure, but non of these sites are particularly popular. On the opposite, there are tons of websites to post about your product launch.

I could probably write a blog post about my failed project, but I prefer something with a more structured listing (weak reason, more of want vs needs).

I could probably create a page on my website, but all the work seems too daunting for a dead project.

The good thing about using a third party website for this purpose is simplicity to post and require little maintenance (like using twitter or facebook, while self-hosted blog or website still require ocassional maintenance).

Actually, this sounds like a really bad or unconvining idea. I doubt anyone would use it besides me. On this bright side, this is a very simple idea.

I wonder if I could come up with a twist to make it more interesting? A product deserved to be remembered by its creator


I want to archive my dead projects. I don’t feel like writing a blog post, neither want to create a one-time webpage.

My opinion is probably biased, as I thought I could hacked something fun and useful (to me) in short time period. This is usually how product idea gone wrong :(


I would probably use this product a few times a year or not (given if I remember to talk about my dead product).


I optimisticly estimate 3 days to build this product, though it is likely to be a week.

If I am serious about marketing this, would probably need another 3-7 days.

PS: This is the only good signal so far


I could share it on

  • Indie Hackers
  • Sharing it on Product Hunt (first time for me)
  • or work through this list
  • Get in touch with Maker individually

PS: Doesn’t sounds very promising.


I would consider having 100 failed projects listed to be a small win, meaning I would need to reach at least 100 makers.


I had this idea for about a week.


  • Motivation is good.
  • Simplicity is nice.
  • Should be useful, but not sticky.
  • Sounds like fun.
  • Seems like doomed to fail.

It is a go 😈 Let’s scribble some design tonight 🤭🤭🤭

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