Android WorkManager Constraints - Run Only if Network Available

val WORK_NAME = "backup"val constraints = Constraints.Builder()    .setRequiredNetworkType(NetworkType.CONNECTED)    .build()val work = OneTimeWorkRequestBuilder<UploadPhotoWorker>()    .setConstraints(constraints)    .build()val manager = WorkManager.getInstance(context)manager.enqueueUniqueWork(WORK_NAME, ExistingWorkPolicy.REPLACE, work)

If you don't want to run on Mobile Network (run on wired network only), use NetworkType.UNMETERED.

If you don't want to run while roadming, use NetworkType.NOT_ROAMING.

If the request if not time-sensitive, you might not want to run when roaming or when battery is slow.

val constraints = Constraints.Builder()    .setRequiredNetworkType(NetworkType.NOT_ROAMING)    .setRequiresBatteryNotLow(true)    .build()


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