Bootstrap Description List Alignment - 2 columns key and value display (with Vue.js)

Sep 27, 2020


  • Text on left column is right-aligned, truncated if too long
  • Support display of string or array value type
<template>  <div>    <dl class="row">      <template v-for="_info in infos">        <dt class="col-3 col-md-2 text-right text-truncate">{{ }}</dt>        <dd class="col-9 col-md-10">          <template v-if="_info.type == 'list'">            <ul class="list-inline">              <li v-for="_item in _info.value">                {{ _item }}              </li>            </ul>          </template>          <template v-else>{{ _info.value }}</template>        </dd>      </template>    </dl>  </div></template><script>export default {  data() {    return {      infos: [        { name: 'Name', value: 'Desmond' },        { name: 'Age', value: 40 },        { name: 'Hobbies', type: 'list', value: ['Hiking', 'Coding'] }      ]    }  }}</script>


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