Google Maps

Android Google Maps Utils ClusterManager Change Icon Text, Size And Color

August 14, 2017 ∙ Hack DefaultClusterRenderer.

Android Google Maps Utils ClusterManager Fit All Clusters

August 14, 2017 ∙ Use LatLngBounds.Builder and hack DefaultClusterRenderer.

Create RectangularBounds Based on Latlng With Radius

November 24, 2019

Android Google Play Maps: Fatal Exception: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError

May 17, 2019 ∙ Failed resolution of: Lorg/apache/http/ProtocolVersion;

Android Calculate Distance Between 2 Gps Location (LatLng)

July 22, 2018 ∙ And a helper function to show distance as text

Android Google Maps LatLng to Bounds by Radius

July 22, 2018

Android Google Maps Color And Style

August 15, 2017 ∙ Create greyscale (black & white) or dark night mode map.