How to Restart/Reset Jetson Nano

Jul 24, 2020

Option 1: Force Power Off

Just power off the power source.

Option 2: Use the 12-pin header

Refer to the user guide for J50 Carrier Board Rev B01 only: 12-pin button header; bring out system power, reset, UART console, and force recovery related signals.

Put the jumper on Pins 7 and 8 to reset the system if connected when the system is running. Which is Pin 1? There is an indicator at the bottom of the board.

Option 3: JupyterLab Server

If you can access JupyterLab Server via, access the console and run

  • Shutdown: sudo poweroff
  • Reboot: sudo reboot

Option 4: Desktop or SSH

If you are in the desktop, just use the shutdown button or command prompt/terminal.

If you can SSH in

  • Shutdown: sudo poweroff
  • Reboot: sudo reboot

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