Tutorials - Page 216

Use Facebook Conceal To Encrypt String To File And Decrypt (Kotlin)

Write string to encrypted file and read/decrypt

Android Create Temp File In Cache Directory (Kotlin)
Use MediatorLiveData To Query And Merge Multiple Data Source Type Into Single LiveData (Kotlin)
Return Tuple With Type Identifier And Data Using Sealed Classes (Kotlin)
Gson Converter For Java.Time LocalDateTime To ISO Date String (Kotlin)
Alternative To Dagger Static Injection Using Component Getter

Dagger inject into global/singleton object

Format Java.Time Period/Duration (ISO 8601 Durations) To Human Readable String

format `P3Y6M4D` to human readable string of "three years, six months, four days"

Android Studio Build Debug Apk With Release Key
Moshi DateTime Adapter With Multiple Format Support
Custom Layout For Android Preference