Python mplfinance Plot yfinance Candle Chart, Moving Average, MACD and Volume (Multi Panel)

November 2, 2020
import yfinance as yf
import mplfinance as mpf
import talib as ta

ticker_name = 'MSFT'
yticker = yf.Ticker("MSFT")
data = yticker.history(period="1y") # max, 1y, 3mo

# trim volume to avoid exponential form
data['Volume'] = data['Volume'] / 1000

# macd
data["macd"], data["macd_signal"], data["macd_hist"] = ta.MACD(data['Close'])

# macd panel
colors = ['g' if v >= 0 else 'r' for v in data["macd_hist"]]
macd_plot = mpf.make_addplot(data["macd"], panel=1, color='fuchsia', title="MACD")
macd_hist_plot = mpf.make_addplot(data["macd_hist"], type='bar', panel=1, color=colors) # color='dimgray'
macd_signal_plot = mpf.make_addplot(data["macd_signal"], panel=1, color='b')

# plot
plots = [macd_plot, macd_signal_plot, macd_hist_plot]
mpf.plot(data, type='candle', style='yahoo', mav=(50,100,200), addplot=plots, title=f"\n{ticker_name}", volume=True, volume_panel=2, ylabel='', ylabel_lower='')

mplfinance candle macd

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