Setup ViewPager2 for Android (Kotlin)

June 18, 2019 Android

Command Line (cli) Optimize/Compress PNG Image (zopflipng, pngcrush) - Ubuntu

June 14, 2019 Linux · Unix · Ubuntu

Access Google Cloud Storage From External Server (Python)

June 7, 2019 Google Cloud Storage

File Structure for Google Cloud Functions (Python): Support for Development and Split Independent Files

June 5, 2019 Google Cloud Functions

Pre-launch Signup Email Component With VuePress/Vue.js and Cloud Functions

June 1, 2019 VuePress
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Product Development

Product Idea #01: Archive of My Dead Products

January 24, 2019 Product Development

How to Evaluate Product Idea for Solo Developer

January 13, 2019 Product Development ∙ Evaluate 24 ideas in 2019