Firestore Partial Update

May 17, 2019 Google Cloud Firestore ∙ Support Field, List, Map, Nested Field, Delete

Android Migrate Google Play Places (Deprecation) to Places SDK

May 17, 2019 Android

Android Schedule Daily Repeating/Reminder Alarm at Specific Time With WorkManager

May 14, 2019 Android

Firestore DocumentReference Get Local First (fall back to Server if cache doesn't exist) - Kotlin

May 13, 2019 Google Cloud Firestore ∙ How to maintain freshness of local cache (latest data)

Android Daily Repeating Alarm/Reminder at Specific Time With AlarmManager

May 11, 2019 Android
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Product Development

Product Idea #01: Archive of My Dead Products

January 24, 2019 Product Development

How to Evaluate Product Idea for Solo Developer

January 13, 2019 Product Development ∙ Evaluate 24 ideas in 2019