Android App Bundle: Load Drawable Resources From Dynamic Feature Modules

November 18, 2019

Refer to Launch Activity from Dynamic Feature Modules for setup.

I am using getQuoteMakerModule code from Load Dynamic Feature Modules with ViewModel and Helper Class to load a dynamic feature module.

class DailyQuoteActivity : AppCompatActivity() {
    private val viewModel by viewModels<DailyQuoteViewModel>()

    override fun attachBaseContext(base: Context) {
        // if need to access language resources from dynamic modules
        val configuration = Configuration()
        val context = base.createConfigurationContext(configuration)
        // required to access resources (e.g. drawable) from dynamic modules

    fun loadDrawableFromModule() {
        viewModel.getQuoteMakerModule { success ->
            if (success) {
                // a resource id from dynamic modules
                val moduleResourceId = ...

                if (viewModel.needSplitCompatInstall) {

                    // you can access drawable via applicationContext without SplitCompat.install
                    val d = AppCompatResources.getDrawable(applicationContext, moduleResourceId)

                    // should be able to access resources via a new context
                    val newContext = context.createPackageContext(context.packageName, 0)
                    val d2 = AppCompatResources.getDrawable(newContext, moduleResourceId)

                    // need this to access drawable from module during first install
                    viewModel.needSplitCompatInstall = false

                // access drawable via activity context require SplitCompat.install
                // , else Resources.NotFoundException exception is thrown
                val d = AppCompatResources.getDrawable(context, moduleResourceId)


More about Resources

You can save resources id of dynamic feature module in database

val resourceId = R.drawable.sticker_cool

I am not sure how reliable is the resource id (as in whether the id would remain persistent between compilation). A safer method would be to save the resource name.

val resourceName = resources.getResourceEntryName(R.drawable.sticker_cool) // "sticker_cool"

You can get the resource id of the Dynamic Feature Modules’ resources via name in Base Module

val baseModulePackage = "com.luasoftware.nuanxin"
val dynamicModuleName = "quotemaker"
val packageName = "$baseModulePackage.$dynamicModuleName"
val resourceId = resources.getIdentifier("sticker_cool", "drawable", packageName)

NOTE: Note that the packageName for dynamic feature module is pretty tricky (the actual package name for my dynamic feature module is com.luasoftware.quotemaker while the module name is quotemaker).

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