Android EditText Disable Edit and Focus (read only TextView behaviour) Without Disable

Mar 31, 2019

If you disable EditText using setEnabled(false), the style/color will change to light gray.

To disable EditText (no focus and edit) wihout disabling it.

editText.isFocusable = trueeditText.isFocusableInTouchMode = trueeditText.inputType = TYPE_NULL

To enable focus and edit of EditText.

editText.isFocusable = trueeditText.isFocusableInTouchMode = trueeditText.inputType = InputType.TYPE_CLASS_TEXT

Create an Kotlin extension

fun EditText.setReadOnly(value: Boolean, inputType: Int = InputType.TYPE_NULL) {    isFocusable = !value    isFocusableInTouchMode = !value    this.inputType = inputType}

Else, you could show a TextView which look like EditText.

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