Android Google Drive REST Api: List Files Return Empty Results (does not return all files)

When request google drive permission scope, DriveScopes.DRIVE_FILE only return files created/opened by the app. To return all files, use DriveScopes.DRIVE, DriveScopes.DRIVE_READONLY or DriveScopes.DRIVE_METADATA_READONLY

private fun buildGoogleSignInClient(): GoogleSignInClient {    val signInOptions = GoogleSignInOptions.Builder(GoogleSignInOptions.DEFAULT_SIGN_IN)        // .requestScopes(Scope(DriveScopes.DRIVE_FILE))        .requestScopes(Scope(DriveScopes.DRIVE))        // .requestScopes(Scope(DriveScopes.DRIVE_METADATA_READONLY))        .build()    return GoogleSignIn.getClient(this, signInOptions)}


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