Android Jetpack Compose Internationalization (Support Multiple Languages)

String Value files

  • res/values/strings.xml (default)
  • res/values-ms/strings.xml (malay)
  • res/values-zh/strings.xml (chinese)

NOTE: You can create these resource files via File -> New -> Android Resource File, under Available qualifiers select Locale -> Language Region, put in strings as File name then click OK.

Open res/values/strings.xml in Android Studio will highlight string name which is not translated. Click Open editor on the top-right corner will show the translation in table format, where you can fill in the translation value without the need to open each individual file.

Usage in Jetpack Compose


NOTE: You can right click on a string (e.g. "Username") in Android Studio and click Extract string resource to automatically convert string to entry in strings.xml

OutlinedTextField(    value =  username,    onValueChange = { username = it },    label = { Text(stringResource(R.string.username)) })

Non-compose Usage

val context = LocalContext.currentLaunchedEffect {  val brand = context.getString(R.string.brand)}

NOTE: Read the following resources for more complex use case


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