Android Moshi Adapter Convert Null To Empty String With JsonQualifier (Kotlin)

May 14, 2018

The following adapter convert reading of json string such as {"name":null} to name = "".

Create a NullToEmptyString adapter class. I am using a @JsonQualifier as I don't want to apply this adapter to all String.

@Retention(AnnotationRetention.RUNTIME)@JsonQualifierannotation class NullToEmptyStringclass NullToEmptyStringAdapter {    @ToJson    fun toJson(@NullToEmptyString value: String?): String? {        return value    }    @FromJson    @NullToEmptyString    fun fromJson(@Nullable data: String?): String? {        return data ?: ""    }}

Apply NullToEmptyStringAdapter.

data class PhotoPin (        @Json(name = "name") @NullToEmptyString var name: String = ""        )

Setup Moshi

val moshi = Moshi.Builder()        .add(NullToEmptyStringAdapter())        .add(KotlinJsonAdapterFactory())        .build()

NOTE: KotlinJsonAdapterFactory is required (for Kotlin) else the behaviour differ.

Test Code

@RunWith(AndroidJUnit4::class)class MoshiTest {    lateinit var moshi: Moshi    lateinit var adapter: JsonAdapter<PhotoPin>    @Before    fun init() {        moshi = Moshi.Builder()            .add(NullToEmptyStringAdapter())            .add(KotlinJsonAdapterFactory())            .build()        adapter = moshi.adapter<PhotoPin>(    }    @Test    fun testNameNull() {        var item = adapter.fromJson("""{"name":null}""")!!        assertThat(, Is(""))    }}


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