Android RecyclerView Get Item View Width and Height

Fresco ResizeOptions in RecyclerView

I need to get Fresco's SimpleDraweeView (which is an ImageView) actual width and height in RecyclerView.

class LocalAdapter: RecyclerView.Adapter<LocalAdapter.ViewHolder>() {    private var resizeOptions: ResizeOptions? = null    private var items = ...    override fun onBindViewHolder(holder: ViewHolder, position: Int) {        val item = items[position]        if (resizeOptions == null) { // 1st time            draweeView.doOnLayout { // need this to make sure draweeView.width > 0                resizeOptions = ResizeOptions(draweeView.width, draweeView.height)                draweeView.setImageURISize(item.uri, resizeOptions)            }        }        else {            draweeView.setImageURISize(item.uri, resizeOptions)        }    }}

NOTE: View.doOnLayout is from Android KTX

fun SimpleDraweeView.setImageURISize(uri: Uri?, resizeOptions: ResizeOptions?) {    if (uri != null) {        val request =            ImageRequestBuilder.newBuilderWithSource(uri)                .setResizeOptions(resizeOptions)                .build()        setImageRequest(request)    }    else {        setImageURI(uri as Uri?)    }}

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