Android Save View to Bitmap / Image File

If you are using Android-KTX, use drawToBitmap.

// val bitmap = view.toBitmap()val bitmap = view.drawToBitmap()

or without Android-KTX.

view.isDrawingCacheEnabled = trueval bitmap = view.drawingCacheview.isDrawingCacheEnabled = false


fun toBitmapFromView(v: View): Bitmap {    val b = Bitmap.createBitmap(v.layoutParams.width, v.layoutParams.height, Bitmap.Config.ARGB_8888)    val c = Canvas(b)    v.layout(v.left,, v.right, v.bottom)    v.draw(c)    return b}

If you happens to change Layout Width/Height programatically before converting the view to bitmap.

view.updateLayoutParams {    this.width = newWidth}view.doOnLayout {    val bitmap = view.drawToBitmap()}

NOTE: Save bitmap to file.

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