Android ViewPager2: Horizontal Show Partial Preview of Left and Right

Setup Horizontal ViewPage2.

viewPager.apply {    clipToPadding = false   // allow full width shown with padding    clipChildren = false    // allow left/right item is not clipped    offscreenPageLimit = 2  // make sure left/right item is rendered}// increase this offset to show more of left/rightval offsetPx = 30.dpToPx(resources.displayMetrics)viewPager.setPadding(offsetPx, 0, offsetPx, 0)// increase this offset to increase distance between 2 itemsval pageMarginPx = 10.dpToPx(resources.displayMetrics)val marginTransformer = MarginPageTransformer(pageMarginPx)viewPager.setPageTransformer(marginTransformer)

NOTE: Convert Dp to Pixel - dpToPx

NOTE: I am using androidx.viewpager2:viewpager2:1.0.0-beta02

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