CoroutineWorker: Use Kotlin Coroutines in WorkManager

Use CoroutineWorker.


depedencies {
    def work_version = '2.0.1'
    // use -ktx for Kotlin+Coroutines
    implementation "$work_version"


class ReminderWorker(appContext: Context, workerParams: WorkerParameters): CoroutineWorker(appContext, workerParams), LifecycleOwner {    companion object {        fun run() : LiveData<WorkInfo> {            val work = OneTimeWorkRequestBuilder<ReminderWorker>().build()            WorkManager.getInstance().enqueue(work)            return WorkManager.getInstance().getWorkInfoByIdLiveData(        }    }    override suspend fun doWork(): Result = coroutineScope {        val worker = this@ReminderWorker        // test coroutines        val d = async {            delay(1000)            "hello"        }        val value = d.await()        Result.success()    }}

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