Android Dagger2 Inject via Fields (for non-Activity/Fragment class)

Dec 28, 2018

For normal classes, you should use inject via contructor.

Refer to Activity and Fragment injection as well.

Unless you cannot instantiate the class yourself (e.g. Worker for WorkManager), then you need injection via fields.

class ProcessImageWorker constructor(context : Context, params : WorkerParameters)    : Worker(context, params) {    @Inject    lateinit var pinDao: PinDao    override fun doWork(): Result {        App.daggerAppComponent.inject(this)    }}

Edit your AppComponent class (refer to Dagger 2 tutorial).

@Singleton@Component(modules = [(AndroidInjectionModule::class), (AppModule::class), (ActivityModule::class), (FragmentModule::class)])interface AppComponent {    @Component.Builder    interface Builder {        @BindsInstance        fun application(application: Application): Builder        fun build(): AppComponent    }    fun inject(luaApp: LuaApp)    fun inject(worker: ProcessImageWorker)}

Edit Application class to save the DaggerAppComponent.

class LuaApp : Application(), HasActivityInjector {    @Inject    lateinit var activityInjector: DispatchingAndroidInjector<Activity>    @Inject    lateinit var fragmentInjector: DispatchingAndroidInjector<Fragmen    override fun onCreate() {        super.onCreate()        // initialize Dagger        val component = DaggerAppComponent.builder().application(this).build()        component.inject(this)        App.daggerAppComponent = component    }    override fun activityInjector(): AndroidInjector<Activity> = activityInjector    override fun supportFragmentInjector(): AndroidInjector<Fragment> = fragmentInjector}

App singleton class.

object App {    lateinit var daggerAppComponent: AppComponent}

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