Jetpack Compose Navigation Pass Arguments/Data

Refer to Jetpack Compose Navigation.

NavHost(navController = navController, startDestination = Screen.Home.route) {    composable(        "selectPhoto/{albumId}",        arguments = listOf(navArgument("albumId") { type = NavType.StringType })    ) { backStackEntry ->        backStackEntry.arguments?.getString("albumId")?.let {            SelectPhotoScreen(                // viewModel = hiltViewModel(),                albumId = it)        }    }}
@Composablefun SelectPhotoScreen(viewModel: SelectPhotoViewModel = viewModel(), albumId: String) {    Text("Album Id = $albumId")}
val albumId = ...navController.navigate("selectPhoto/$albumId")

Alternatively, you can also read compose navigation arguments via ViewModel's SavedStateHandle.

class SelectPhotoViewModel(    savedStateHandle: SavedStateHandle): ViewModel() {    val albumId = savedStateHandle.get<String>("albumId")}


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