New Android Studio Project With Github Integration on Win10

Install Git

Install Git for Windows.

NOTE: If you are not familiar with git workflow, you should read Basic Guide to Git on Github.

Create Android Project

Create new Android Studio project.


A .gitignore file is created by Android Studio, but I prefer to replace it with a more comprehensive one by referring github Android.gitignore example.

# built application files

# Mac files

# files for the dex VM

# Java class files

# generated files

# Ignore gradle files

# Local configuration file (sdk path, etc)

# Proguard folder generated by Eclipse

# Eclipse files

# Android Studio/IDEA

# External native build folder generated in Android Studio 2.2 and later

# Google Services (e.g. APIs or Firebase)

# Android Studio captures folder

# Others

Integrate with Github

Assuming Github project is not created yet, and we are using Android Studio to create the github project.

Android Studio -> VCS -> Import into Version Control -> Share Project on Github

  • Repository Name
  • Remote: origin
  • Private
  • Description

Click Share

Proceed with Prompt for commit.

NOTE: Do not click cancel as it will configure the necessary initial setup such as create remote master branch and perform commit and pull.

Add file locally: Switch from Android view to Project view, right click on Parent directory and select New -> File and out as the filename.

When promoted to add the new file to git, click Yes.


# Project NameWrite something later

Click VCS -> Commit which should perform a commit and push.

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