RxJava2 Synchronous Blocking Call

Aug 25, 2017

RxJava2 is asynchronous by default, but you still can make synchronous blocking call using blocking methods.

public Observable<String> generateWords() {    return Observable.create(new ObservableOnSubscribe<String>() {        @Override        public void subscribe(@NonNull ObservableEmitter<String> emitter) throws Exception {            emitter.onNext("I");            emitter.onNext("Am");            emitter.onNext("Home");            emitter.onComplete();        }    });}public Single<String> mergeWords(final Collection<String> words) {    return Single.fromCallable(new Callable<String>() {        @Override        public String call() throws Exception {            return TextUtils.join(" ", words);        }    });}public void testBlocking() {    Observable.fromCallable(new Callable<String>() {        @Override        public String call() throws Exception {            Observable<String> wordsObservable = generateWords();            Iterator<String> it = wordsObservable.blockingIterable().iterator();            List<String> words = new ArrayList<String>();            while (it.hasNext()) {                String word = it.next();                words.add(word);            }            return mergeWords(words).blockingGet();        }    }).subscribe(new Consumer<String>() {        @Override        public void accept(String s) throws Exception {            Log.d(TAG, "result="+s);        }    });}

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