CSS Comment

Aug 7, 2017
/* Commenting in CSS */

The one and only way to comment in CSS is using /* comment here */.

/*   Multiline Comment:   - add more css later*/.content {  line-height: 1em; /* comment again */}

No single line comment

Single line comment like // please don't comment like this is not recommended. Though it won't break CSS in some cases, but you will bump into issues when the CSS is minified.

.content {  line-height: 1em; // please don't comment like this}

No nested comment

One of the limitation with CSS comment is you can't do nested comment.

/* nested comment won't work.content {  line-height: 1em; /* nested comment */} */

Less and Sass

You might consider Less and Sass if you want to support single line comment and nested comment.

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