Transfer Domain Name From Namecheap to Cloudflare


  • Cloudflare doesn;t offer email forwarding service
  • You must use Cloudflare DNS, which is free.

NOTE: Refer Should I use Cloudflare Registrar?


Login to Namecheap, click on Domain List.

  • Disable Auto-Renew
  • Switch off WhoisGuard protection: Click Manage -> Domain -> WhoIsGuard, toggle off.

Login to Cloudflare, click Home -> Add a Site.

  • Enter your site (e.g.
  • Select a plan: Free
  • Review your DNS records: All DNS records will be imported automatically. Under proxy status: Orange cloud means HTTP request will go through Cloudflare (for SSL, optimization/caching, etc). Toggle it for Grey cloud to enable DNS only.
  • Change your nameservers: Copy DNS to be changed at Namecheap.

Go back to Namecheap, click on Domain List.

  • Click Manage -> Domain -> Nameservers. Change from Namecheap BasicDNS to Custom DNS. Put in both Cloudflare nameservers: usually it is and Click the Green Check/Tick icon.

Go back to Cloudflare, click Done, check nameservers. This process might be immediate or take a few hours (Cloudflare will notify you by email when the process is completed). You can try clicking Re-check now. You can proceed to Domain Registration without DNS/nameservers confirmation.

In Cloudflare, click on the Top dropdown menu and click Domain Registration.

  • Check the domain name and click Confirm Domains.
  • At the Transfer your domain from Namecheap page, follow the instructions to get Authorization code from Namecheap.

Go back to Namecheap, click on Domain List.

  • Click Manager -> Sharing & Transfer -> Transfer Out, click UNLOCK. Remember to disable WhoisGuard.
  • Click AUTH CODE, select a reason and click Send Code.
  • Check your email for the email from [email protected] with the subject Requested Authorization Code. Copy the Authorization Code

Go back to Cloudflare Transfer your domain from Namecheap page, key in the Authorization code and click Confirm Authorization Codes

  • Confirm contact information: Enter contact details (Cloudflare will redact personal details from whois query). Click Confirm and Finalize Transfer.

You will receive an email from [email protected] with the subject Domain transfer confirmation request which notify you when the transfer shall be completed (usually within 5-7 days). Sadly there is no way to expedite this process, so we just have to wait.

The transfer process is automatocally completed when the actually transfer happened within 5-7 days.

You have to pay $8.03 for the domain transfer/renewal which will extend the domain for one more year from the expirity date (not date of transfer). Cloudflare will automatically handle yearly renewal as well.


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