Why I Use Namecheap To Buy Domain Name

Namecheap vs GoDaddy

I started transfering my domains to Namecheap few years ago when GoDaddy renewal is rather expensive.


GoDaddy always have great offers when purchasing new domains, could be up to 90% discount or free 1 year or free next domain depending on the season. It gets you when it comes to renewal, where it would be above market rate (about $15/year).

If you want a bargain, you could buy domain name with a domain registrar when there are some great promotions, then transfer out when it tries to get you on the renewal.

I have no issue with GoDaddy's service and usability.


New Domain and Domain Transfer

Namecheap doesn't run big promotion when registering for new domain (at least for .com), where it usually cost $10.69/year. You can always get a coupon and get .com domain for $9.66. The purchase comes with free one year WhoisGuard (optional renewal at $2.88/year). The same applies to domain transfer as well.

I have no issue with Namecheap's service and usability.

Domain Renewal

Renewal is $10.69/year (no discount and no coupon). I guess I like Namecheap's consistency and reasonable pricing, where I don't feel being rip off and don't need to transfer between domain registrars to chase for a good pricing.


They only supported SMS 2FA for a few years, where recently they introduced app-based 2FA which require installation Namecheap App. I wish they would implement Google Authenticator instead.


They carry a few other TLDs, but I haven't try those.


Another product which I use frequently from Namecheap is Comodo PositiveSSL for $9/year. When you purchase a domain, you can add Comodo PositiveSSL as add-on for $1.99/year, subsequent renewal is at $9/year. Thats the cheapest I found so far, besides Let's Encrypt which is free (renew every 90 days using shell/API).

Other Alternatives

Google Domain

Google Domain pricing is $12/year for .com, but only available at Canada, India, United Kingdom and United States of America.

Amazon Route 53

Amazon Route 53 domain names pricing is $12/year for .com. It doesn't comes with a free DNS service, so you pay $0.50/month or $6/year (plus queries fees based on usage) for Amazon Route 53.

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