Flask Get Request Parameters (GET, POST and JSON)

May 29, 2019
from flask import request

request.args: Query parameters/GET

name = request.args.get('name')

NOTE: Return None if not available.

data = request.args
if 'name' in data:
    name = data['name']

NOTE: werkzeug.exceptions.HTTPException.wrap.<locals>.newcls: 400 Bad Request: KeyError: 'name' exception when key not found

Cast Parameter Type

age = request.args.get('age', type=int)

NOTE: Will return None if age is not int.


name = request.form.get('name')
data = request.form
age = request.form.get('age', type=int)

List of values

options = request.form.getlist('options')

request.values: GET or POST

Will get from both request.args or request.form.

name = request.values.get('name')


if request.is_json:
    name = request.json.get('name')
    age = request.json.get('age') # auto type casting depending on the json format

NOTE: request.json is None if this is not a valid json request

if request.is_json:
    data = request.get_json(force=True)
    if 'name' in data:
        name = data['name']

NOTE: 400 Bad Request is raised for request.get_json(force=True) when request is not json (on Development Server).

Combine request.form, request.args and request.json

from werkzeug.datastructures import CombinedMultiDict
data = CombinedMultiDict([request.values, request.json])
if 'name' in data:
    name = data['name']


Uploaded files of FileStorage structure.

for param_name, fileinfo in request.files.items():
    filename = fileinfo.filename
    mimetype = fileinfo.mimetype
fileinfo = request.files['PARAM_NAME']


if request.is_json:
elif request.method == 'POST':
else request.method == 'GET':


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