Google App Engine Deploy Cron Job (Python 2.7)

Python 2.7

Sample cron.yaml.

cron:# every day- description: daily refresh home cache  url: /cron_jobs/refresh_home_cache  # schedule: every 60 minutes  schedule: every 24 hours# every hour- description: daily refresh caches  url: /cron_jobs/refresh_caches  schedule: every 1 hours# every week at specific time at timezone- description: weekly sitemap  url: /cron_jobs/generate_sitemap  schedule: every monday 09:00  timezone: Asia/Kuala_Lumpur  target: fileupload# every day at specific time- description: daily refresh game leagues  url: /cron_jobs/generate_game_leagues  schedule: every day 01:00

NOTE: Schedule App Engine Cron Task Hourly At Specific Minute.


gcloud app deploy --project PROJECT_ID cron.yaml

NOTE: You might be interested with Cloud Scheduler which support HTTP, Pub/Sub and App Engine HTTP.


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