Google App Engine Static Files Ignore if Not Found (Don't Show 404, Pass to next matching handler)

I use Nuxt.js to generate a bunch of static html and hosted these on Google App Engine.

If the path of these html files are not found, I don't want App Engine to show 404 but instead handle it using another handler which match the pattern.

Edit app.yaml

handlers:- url: /places/([\w\d-]+)  static_files: nuxt_static/\1/index.html  upload: nuxt_static/([\w\d-]+)/index.html  require_matching_file: true- url: /.*  script:

Using require_matching_file: true, if /places/singapore does not have nuxt_static/singapore/index.html, the request handler is passed on to the next matching handler.

NOTE: require_matching_file: true is not documented, but it works.

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