Python 2 vs Python 3 in Google App Engine Standard

Aug 30, 2018

Google announced support for Python 3.7 (via gVisor) for Google App Engine standard, but it comes with a certain caveats.

Pros of Python 3.7

  • Latest Python Runtime
  • Install any 3rd party library
  • Limited file system access '/tmp`
  • Python Thread can be used (as long as request still alive)

Cons of Python 3.7


Google App Engine finally gave us Python 3 support (Hurray!) but strip out all the superpower and convinience (Boo!).

It is nice that there are less vendor lock-in, but using various services would consume more development time. Not to mentioned some of these components are not quite ready to integrate with app engine (library and documentation wise), and would probably need another 6 months to sort things out. I would say this is an very early Beta, so expect a lot of hiccups.

With so many convinience missing from the new Google App Engine, I hope Google would revise the pricing lower or offer a better integration experience.


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