Using Python Requests Module In Google App Engine

Python Requests seems to work fine on production, but you will bump into the following error on development server

File "/*/requests/", line 490, in send raise ConnectionError(err, request=request) ConnectionError: ('Connection aborted.', error(13, 'Permission denied'))

To fix it, import requests-toolbelt in your equivelant of

import requestsimport requests_toolbelt.adapters.appengine# Use the App Engine Requests adapter. This makes sure that Requests uses URLFetch.requests_toolbelt.adapters.appengine.monkeypatch()

In production, you will still bump into the following error (which is actually a warning).

AppEnginePlatformWarning: urllib3 is using URLFetch on Google App Engine sandbox instead of sockets. To use sockets directly instead of URLFetch see

You can ignore the above error/warning, or you can enable making httplib use sockets.

Edit app.yaml and add the following.


NOTE: Enable GAE_USE_SOCKETS_HTTPLIB will make http request using Socket instead of urlfetch. Refer to UrlFetch quota vs Sockets quota.

NOTE: I stick with UrlFetch at the moment and didn't try the Sockets solution.


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