Firestore Subcollections

Aug 8, 2019

Should I use Subcollections?

TLDR: 80% of the time my answer is No.

  • Watch these videos for see pros and cons (and example) of subcollections: Cloud Firestore Data Modeling (Google I/O'19) and How to Structure Your Data | Get to Know Cloud Firestore #5.
  • Firestore used to have the limitation that you could not query across subcollections, but that is solved with Collection Group Queries (though it does involved more indexes).
  • If you want the most flexibility in terms of query (or simplicity in data model design), don't use subcollections.
  • If you are 95% sure you will not perform query across sub-collections most of the time (assuming reviews is subcollection of restaurant, where mostly you show reviews when user click on a restaurant, and you most probably won't show all reviews written by a user).
  • One advantage of subcollections is saving some index keys (in the case of reviews is subcollection of restaurant, you don't need to store restaurant_id as index key in reviews). Without subcollections you might utilize composite index keys more for query.
  • Subcollections also allow inheritance of security rules (might or might not be useful).
  • Personal Opinion: Subcollections might looks nice in terms of data structure design, but you must know its caveats which might not be that obvious without some experiences.

PS: I used very little subcollections so far.


Documents in subcollections can contain subcollections as well, allowing you to further nest data. You can nest data up to 100 levels deep.

Deleting a document does not delete its subcollections! Refer Delete collections.


val db = ...parentDocRef = db.collection("restaurant").document("cafe-abc")reviewDocRef = parentDocRef.collection("review").document()

Security Rules

service cloud.firestore {
  match /databases/{database}/documents {
    match /restaurant/{restaurant_id} {
      allow read, write: if <condition>;

        match /reviews/{review_id} {
          allow read, write: if <condition>;

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