Firestore Security Rules: Prevent Modification of Certain Fields

April 8, 2019

Enforce initialization of approval_status = 0 and admin_remark = null during document creation.

Ensure approval_status and admin_remark value cannot be modified (must be same as existing value)

match /item/{item_id} {
  function validCreate() {
    // fields must be initialized as such
    return == 0 && == null;

  function validUpdate() {
    // prevent user change these fields
    return == && ==;

  allow read: if true;
  // allow get: if true;
  // allow list: if true;

  allow create: if validCreate();
  allow update: if validUpdate();
  allow delete: if false;

In pratical usage, you probably limit modification for user, but allow admin to perform modification.

allow create: if (isUser() && validCreate()) || isAdmin();
allow update: if (isUser() && validUpdate()) || isAdmin();

NOTE: Refer firestore security rules and firestore check is admin security rules.

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