Secure Cloud Functions With Http Basic Authentication (HTTPBasicAuth) - Python

Apr 21, 2019



from flask_httpauth import HTTPBasicAuthauth = HTTPBasicAuth()users = {    "username": "password"}@auth.get_passworddef get_password(username):    return users.get(username)@auth.login_requireddef test_basic_auth(request):    return f"{auth.username()}, you may pass!"

or using a more versatile verification method

from import generate_password_hash, check_password_hashusers = {    "username": generate_password_hash("password"),    "another": generate_password_hash("secret")}@auth.verify_passworddef verify_password(username, password):    if username in users:        return check_password_hash(users.get(username), password)    return False


curl -u username:password [URL]/test_basic_auth


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