Send Email From Google Cloud Functions (Python)

May 29, 2019

I would recommend using SendGrid, which allow 12,000 emails / month.

Edit requirements.txt.


Cloud Functions using Python

def send_welcome_email(request):
    import logging
    from sendgrid import SendGridAPIClient
    from sendgrid.helpers.mail import Mail, Email
    from python_http_client.exceptions import HTTPError

    log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

    SENDGRID_API_KEY = 'SG.xx-mm...'
    sg = SendGridAPIClient(SENDGRID_API_KEY)

    APP_NAME = "Lua Software Code"
    name = "Desmond"

    html_content = f"""
    <p>Hello {name},</p>
    <p>Welcome to <a href="">{APP_NAME}</a></p>
    <p>Desmond Lua</p>

    message = Mail(
        from_email=Email('', "Desmond Lua"),
        subject=f"Welcome to {APP_NAME}",

        response = sg.send(message)
        return f"email.status_code={response.status_code}"
    except HTTPError as e:
        return e.message

NOTE: I read some notes regarding the need to enable billing for Google Clouds or enable Blaze Plan for Firebase for outgoing network traffic, not sure if this still hold true.

NOTE: SendGrid Templates with Parameters (Dynamic Template Data).


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