Setup Google Cloud Functions Using Python

April 20, 2019

Create a Google Cloud Project

Enable Billing

Enable Cloud Functions API

Install & Setup Google Cloud SDK

NOTE: There is an alternative method using the console if you do not wish to use Google Cloud SDK/gcloud.


Create a project directory.

Create with the following code.

def test_message(request):
    request_json = request.get_json()
    if request.args and 'message' in request.args:
        return request.args.get('message')
    elif request_json and 'message' in request_json:
        return request_json['message']
        return f'Hello World!'

If you need to import python libraries, create requirements.txt file.

from dateutil.parser import parse as datetime_parser

Deploy & Test

Deploy the function.

gcloud functions deploy test_message --runtime python37 --trigger-http --project [PROJECT_NAME]

You can test the could functions.

  • Using URL: https://us-central1-[PROJECT_NAME]
  • Access Cloud Functions Console, find the function name and click on the 3 vertical dots (Kebab icon) and select Test function.

Each deployment takes between 20s - 2 minutes, so it is not great for testing.

NOTE: Refer to testing cloud functions on local machine.


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