Javascript/ECMAScript Version and Browser Support

Aug 20, 2018
EditionDateNameBrowser Support
5Dec 2009ES5 / ECMAScript 5All Modern Browser
6Jun 2015ES6 / ECMAScript 6 / ES2015 / ECMAScript 2015Chrome 61 (Sep 2017), Firefox 52 (Mar 2017), Edge 16 (Oct 2017), iOS10 Safari, Not supported in IE
7Jun 2016ES2016 / ECMAScript 2016Chrome 68 (Jul 2018), Firefox 60 (Jul 2017 - 78%), Edge 17 (Apr 2018 - 52%)
8Jun 2017ES2017 / ECMAScript 2017
9Jun 2018ES2018 / ECMAScript 2018

NOTE: Modern JavaScript since ES6 not supported in Internet Explorer

NOTE: Browser support is just for reference, as compatibility might not be 100%. Use caniuse to check for specific feature support.

NOTE: It's recommended to use Babel for cross browser support.


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