Command Line (cli) Optimize/Compress PNG Image (zopflipng, pngcrush) - Ubuntu

June 14, 2019

Benchmark / Comparison

Package Compression Reduction
pngquant Lossy 58%
Zopfli Lossless 16%
Pngcrush Lossless 5%

NOTE: The optimization is run with default configuration on 4 png images of 1024x1024 with foreground text and background image.

NOTE: Kraken Lossy could compress better than pngquant default configuration, achieving 63% compression.

Available options



git clone
cd zopfli
make zopflipng



Allow access command from anywhere (e.g. /usr/bin or ~/bin)

sudo ln -s /<INSTALL_DIR>/zopfli/zopflipng /usr/bin/zopflipng


zopflipng source.png output.png

NOTE: The process is quite slow, 10s for a 140Kb file.

NOTE: output.png is only generated if smaller.

Overwrite source file

zopflipng source.png output.png && [ -f output.png ] && mv output.png source.png

Proces all PNG files and append prefix to output files (output is zopfli_source.png)

zopflipng --prefix *.png

Replace original source files.

rename -f 's/(zopfli_)(.*)\.png/$2\.png/' *

Batch process all PNG files in directory.

find . -name '*.png' -print0 | xargs -0 -n1 -I{} sh -c 'zopflipng {} output.png; [ -f output.png ] && mv output.png {};'

NOTE: You can use zopfli with AdvanceCOMP / advdef.


sudo apt-get install pngquant

or build from source

git clone --recursive
cd pngquant
sudo ln -s /<INSTALL_DIR>/pngquant/pngquant /usr/bin/pngquant


pngquant source.png -o output.png

Overwrite source file

pngquant -f --ext .png source.png

Batch process all PNG files in directory.

pngquant -f --ext .png *.png



sudo apt-get install pngcrush


pngcrush source.png output.png

Overwrite source file

pngcrush -ow source.png

Process all PNG files and output to a directory (e.g. tmp, sadly cannot output and overwrite current directory)

pngcrush -d tmp *.png

Move files from tmp to replace original source files.

mv tmp/* .
rmdir tmp

Batch process all PNG files in directory.

find . -name '*.png' -print0 | xargs -0 -n1 pngcrush -ow


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