Create Disk Partition With GParted (Ubuntu)

May 24, 2019

Install GParted.

sudo apt-get install gparted

Select the new disk using the disk dropdown on the top-right corner.

GParted select disk

Click on Create a new partition in the selected unallocated space icon on the top-left.

GParted create a new partition

Select msdos as the partition table type.

The default partition table type is msdos for disks smaller than 2 Tebibytes in size (assuming a 512 byte sector size) and gpt for disks 2 Tebibytes and larger.

The msdos partition table limits partitions as follows:

Maximum of 4 primary partitions.

Maximum of 3 primary partitions, and 1 extended partition.

The extended partition can contain multiple logical partitions. Some GNU/Linux distributions support accessing at most 15 partitions on a disk device.

Maximum size of a partition is 2 Tebibytes using a sector size of 512 bytes. The partition must also start within the first 2 Tebibytes of the disk device.

GParted table type msdoc

Create as Primary Partition and use ext4 File System.

GParted new partition

Click Apply All Operations.

GParted apply all operations

Partition is created.

GParted created

NOTE: There is a command line parted to perform disk partition.

NOTE: After partitoning, you need to mount the disk.


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