Task Lists In Markdown

Aug 7, 2017
Create a checked/unchecked list

One the lesser know feature of markdown is the ability to create a task list.

Sample task list

  • Unchecked Item
  • Checked Item
  • Click me
  • Nested
    • Item 01
    • Item 01
  • Last
## Sample task list- [ ] Unchecked Item- [x] Checked Item- [x] [Click me](#)- [ ] Nested  - [ ] Item 01  - [ ] Item 01- [ ] Last  


If the CSS is not formatted properly, the list might be shown as unordered list in bullet points. Use the following CSS to remove bullet points and adjust left padding.

ul {  list-style-type: none;  padding-left: 1em;}/* for nested list, you might want to match margin-top/bottom with li's margin */ul ul {  margin-top: 0.5em;  margin-bottom: 0.5em;}

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