Nuxt Load Google Adsense Auto Ads

Important Notes

  • You can use Auto ads, but you must disable In-page ads. Why? In-page ads will cause JavaScript exception, as I believe ads injection by google intefere with the JavaScript hydration of Nuxt/Vue.js.
    • Ocassionally In-page ads will load fine, but it only loads on initial page request and will not load on further NuxtLink / vue-router navigation. Alternatively you could disable use of NuxtLink / RouterLink navigation and use <a> instead.
  • Vignette ads will still work, but it will intefere with NuxtLink /router navigation when Vignette ads popup, and trigger a new page request rather than a vue-router navigation.
  • Anchor ads will work fine.


I create a component to load google ads manually.

  • I have to position the ads manually, as I can't use In-page ads.
  • Auto ads is only enabled for the page if I use this component, else Auto ads won't load (to prevent loading Adsense on page with no content).
  • Ads will load with NuxtLink / vue-router navigation, or dynamic loading of more content of an existing page.

Create components/GoogleAd.vue.

  • Create Display ads ad unit in Adsense, which is shown when type=display.
  • You can create other ad unit type as well. I create type=link which is In-feed ads.
<template>  <component v-if="isShow" :class="_class" :is="tag">    <ins v-if="type == 'link'"      class="adsbygoogle"      style="display:block"      :data-ad-channel="channel"      data-ad-format="fluid"      data-ad-layout-key="-gb+7+v-no+1a7"      data-ad-client="ca-pub-8122******"      data-ad-slot="2872******"></ins>    <ins v-else       class="adsbygoogle"      style="display:block"      :data-ad-channel="channel"      data-ad-client="ca-pub-8122******"      data-ad-slot="7368*****"      data-ad-format="auto"      data-full-width-responsive="true"></ins>  </component></template><script>export default {  props: {    '_class': Array,     'tag': {      type: String,      default: 'div'    },    'type': {      type: String,      default: 'display'    },    'channel': {      type: String,      default: 'nochannel'    }  },  head() {    if (this.isShow) {      return {        script: [          { hid: 'adsense', src: '****', async: true, crossorigin: 'anonymous' }        ]      }    }    return { }  },    data() {    return {      // use Nuxt RuntimeConfig to enable or disable Adsense      isShow: this.$config.ENABLE_ADSENSE,    }  },  mounted() {    if (this.isShow) {      this.$nextTick(() => {        try {          // this is required for each ad slot (calling this once will only load 1 ad)          (window.adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({})        } catch (error) {          console.error(error)        }      })    }  },}</script>


<template>  <div>    <google-ad :_class="['my-3']" :channel="main-page-top" :type="display" v-if="showTopAd" />    <div>Content</div>    <google-ad :_class="['my-3']" :channel="main-page-bottom" :type="display" v-if="showBottomAd" />  </div></template>

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