Python Click CLI: Validate and Modify Arguments

July 29, 2019

Click arguments validation and modify arguments.

  • Symbol must be BTCUSDT, ETHUSDT, BTCETH as per this rule.
  • Split symbol from BTCUSDT into BTC and USDT.
import click
import re

def validate_symbol(ctx, param, value):
    m ='^(\w+)(BTC|ETH|BNB|USDT|PAX|TUSD|USDC)$', value)
    if m:
        c1_symbol =
        c2_symbol =
        return (c1_symbol, c2_symbol)
        raise click.BadParameter('Invalid symbol')

@click.option('--symbol', callback=validate_symbol, required=True)
def get_price(symbol):
    c1_symbol, c2_symbol = symbol
    symbol = ''.join(symbol)
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