Python Ftp Timeout and Error Handling

Feb 22, 2021

Without timeout, it seeems like ftp might be stuck forever under certain network condition.

import socketfrom ftplib import FTP, error_tempfrom time import sleepHOST = ...USERNAME = ...PASSWORD = ...ftp = FTP(HOST, timeout=60*5)ftp.login(USERNAME, PASSWORD)local_path = ...remote_path = ...# download filewhile True:    try:         with open(local_path, 'wb') as file :            ftp.retrbinary(f"RETR {remote_path}", file.write)        break    except (error_temp, BrokenPipeError, socket.timeout) as e:        try_count += 1        if try_count > 3:            raise e        else:            print(e)            sleep(try_count * 2)

NOTE: Python FTP: List Files in Directory and Download

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