Nuxt.js Add Markdown Pages


npm i @nuxtjs/markdownit

Edit nuxt.config.js

export default {  modules: [    '@nuxtjs/markdownit'  ],  markdownit: {    preset: 'default',    linkify: true,    breaks: true,    use: [      // 'markdown-it-div',      // 'markdown-it-attrs'    ]  },}

NOTE: If you need addtional features like markdown-it-div, you would need to install the package.

Edit pages/*.

<template lang="md"># {{ APP_NAME }} Privacy Policy## Privacy`The App` does collect basic personal information such as name and email.`The App (Web)` use [Google Analytics]( to collect basic analytics.</template><script>export default {  head: {    title: 'Privacy'  },  data() {    return {      APP_NAME: 'Journey Privacy Policy'    }  }}</script><style scoped>h2 {  margin-top: 2rem;}</style>

There are other ways to create markdown via @nuxtjs/markdownit as well

  • Using .md files
  • Using $md to render markdown

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