Vuejs Webpack Template Reduce Output File Hash Length

Dec 20, 2017

If you are using vuejs-templates/webpack, the production build (npm run build) of the JavaScript and CSS files come with a long hash length, such as app.19ae7b77127560ab8328.js.

To reduce the hash length to 6 characters, edit build/ in your project directory.

Observe changes marked with // EDIT: comment.

...const webpackConfig = merge(baseWebpackConfig, {  ...  output: {    // EDIT: reduce js hash length to 6 characters    hashDigestLength: 6,    path:,    filename: utils.assetsPath('js/[name].[chunkhash].js'),    chunkFilename: utils.assetsPath('js/[id].[chunkhash].js')  }  ...  plugins: [    ...    // extract css into its own file    new ExtractTextPlugin({      // EDIT: reduce css hash length to 6 characters      filename: utils.assetsPath('css/[name].[contenthash:6].css'),      // filename: utils.assetsPath('css/[name].[contenthash].css'),      // set the following option to `true` if you want to extract CSS from      // codesplit chunks into this main css file as well.      // This will result in *all* of your app's CSS being loaded upfront.      allChunks: false,    }),    ...  ]}

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