Import Vue.js Component Into VuePress 1.x: vue-carousel example

May 23, 2019
resolve ReferenceError: window is not defined

I wanted to have a carousel of images (using vue-carousel) on my VuePress page.

Install vue-carousel.

yarn add vue-carousel

NOTE: We cannot import vue-carousel via docs/.vuepress/enchanceApp.js due to build error of ReferenceError: window is not defined. Refer to Build Error.

Create a custom vue component at docs/.vuepress/component/ImageCarousel.vue.

<template>  <div style="width: 400px; display:block; margin:0 auto;">    <carousel :per-page="1" :center-mode="true" >      <slide>        <img src="" />      </slide>      <slide>        <img src="" />      </slide>      <slide>        <img src="" />      </slide>    </carousel>  </div></template><script>import { Carousel, Slide } from 'vue-carousel';export default {  components: {    Carousel,    Slide  },  /*  mounted () {    import('vue-carousel').then(module => {      // Vue.use(module);      // Vue.component('carousel', module.Carousel);    });  }   */}</script>

Edit a markdown file to embed the component: docs/

<ClientOnly>  <ImageCarousel /></ClientOnly>

You will get the following warning during build (yarn docs:build), but it will work.

Rendering page: /[Vue warn]: Failed to resolve async component: () => Promise.all(/* import() */[__webpack_require__.e(14), __webpack_require__.e(7)]).then(__webpack_require__.bind(null, 244))
Reason: ReferenceError: window is not defined

Build Error

IMPORTANT: This following code doesn't work during build (yarn docs:build) due to import VueCarousel from 'vue-carousel' with the error ReferenceError: window is not defined due to Browser API Access Restrictions

Edit docs/.vuepress/enchanceApp.js.

import VueCarousel from 'vue-carousel';// import { Carousel, Slide } from 'vue-carousel';export default ({  Vue, // the version of Vue being used in the VuePress app  options, // the options for the root Vue instance  router, // the router instance for the app  siteData // site metadata}) => {  // ...apply enhancements to the app  Vue.use(VueCarousel);  // Vue.component('carousel', Carousel);  // Vue.component('slide', Slide);}

NOTE: I have yet to figure out how to import via @vuepress/plugin-register-components.

Edit docs/

<div style="width: 400px; display:block; margin:0 auto;">  <carousel :per-page="1" :center-mode="true" >    <slide>      <img src="" />    </slide>    <slide>      <img src="" />    </slide>    <slide>      <img src="" />    </slide>  </carousel></div>

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