VuePress 1.x: Omit Page Title for Homepage

May 19, 2019

Solution 1: home: true

The following will ommit the page title, show only config.js -> title as the title.

---home: true---# HomepageThis is my Homepage

NOTE: This only works if you are using Default Theme Config and it includes a hero section.

Solution 2: Ommit header or yaml title config

This is my Homepage

Solution 3: Custom Layout

I suspect a custom layout could be used to omit page title, but I have yet to try it.

Page title by Header

If you have headers in your markdown (e.g. # Header 1 or ## Header 2), the first header will automatically being adapoted as page header.

# Header become page titleHello

Page title by yaml config

---title: This is page title---# Header 1Hello

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