Vuetify V3 Footer With Link And Copyright

Dec 29, 2022
<script setup>const bottomLinks = {  'Lua Software': '',  'Tutorials': '/tutorials',  'Privacy': '/privacy',  'About': '/about'}  </script><template>    <v-footer class="pa-0 d-flex align-end">        <v-sheet          class="w-100 pa-3"            color="grey-lighten-4"        >          <v-row justify="center" no-gutters>            <v-btn              v-for="(url, text) in bottomLinks"              :key="text"              variant="text"              rounded="xl"              class="text-capitalize"            >              <NuxtLink :to="url" class="no-link">{{ text }}</NuxtLink>            </v-btn>            <v-col class="text-center mt-3" cols="12">              {{ new Date().getFullYear() }} &copy;            </v-col>          </v-row>        </v-sheet>    </v-footer>  </template>

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