Virtualbox Remote Desktop VRDP (Windows Host)

You need to install VirtualBox Extension Pack.

Download the file Oracle_VM_VirtualBox_Extension_Pack-*.*.*.vbox-extpack, and double click to install it.

Open settings (of you vm) Display -> Remote Display -> Enable Server. Leave server port as 3389.

For Authentication Method:

  • Null: no username required
  • External: use host user credential (Windows for my case)

Connect using Windows Remote Desktop Connection

In Win10, click Search and type mtsc. Click on Remote Desktop Connection.

For Computer, put in localhost:3389.

  • If Authentication=Null, leave User name blank.
  • If Authentication=External, put your Windows username and check Allow me to save credentials (NOTE: this is a must).

Click Connect.

If your VM guest support multiple monitors (Settings -> Display -> Screen -> Monitor Count = 2), you can connect to the second monitor by using @2\Username as User name.

NOTE: VirtualBox remote desktop share the same desktop as your client vm. If you want a separate independent desktop, you need to setup a remote desktop server on the client vm, such as Lubuntu Setup Remote Desktop With Xrdp.


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