I am Desmond Lua, been programming and building apps for 20 years and still loving it. Looking forward to being a programmer for life.

This blog serves as an online repository for my

Most online tutorials suck because the writers didn’t use the code they demonstrated in production (they just learn enough to write a blog post about it). I do it the other way around: I wrote the code for an actual app, then I document the process with practical notes and caveats (what didn’t work, common errors, etc.). I probably use the tech for the first time, so the learning process is still fresh in order to create a practical guide for newbies, but it might lack some depth and comprehensive coverage.

I write in short and concise point form, as I don’t have to boost vanity metrics like word count. It is fast to read and good as notes, but it might not be suitable if you need a long-winded explanation of things. And forgive me for my typo, as I couldn’t spare more time for proofreading.

I frequently search this blog for answers which I have forgotten, so I have the opportunity to fix some mistakes or confusing text.

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