Algolia InstantSearch Don't Show Listing if No Query (Vue.js)

Aug 19, 2020

Algolia InstantSearch will show a default listing even though no query is entered.

To prevent listing if there is no query

import algoliasearch from 'algoliasearch/lite'// this setup is required to prevent search on empty queryconst searchClient = {  search(requests) {    if (requests.every(({ params }) => !params.query)) {     // return empty result if no query     return Promise.resolve({        results: => ({          hits: [],          nbHits: 0,          nbPages: 0,          processingTimeMS: 0,        })),      });    }    return;  },};export default {  data() {    return {      /*      searchClient: algoliasearch(        '3P********', // Application ID        '0a5f4c5c0b18********************'  // Search-Only API Key      ),       */      searchClient    }  },};

NOTE: Refer to Setup Algolia InstantSearch on Nuxt/Vue for complete code.

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