Algolia InstantSearch Hide Pagination if Only 1 Page (Vue.js)

Aug 19, 2020
<template>  <ais-instant-search    :search-client="searchClient"    index-name="live"  >    <ais-state-results>      <template slot-scope="{ state: { query }, results: { hits, nbPages } }">        <!-- show no result if query with no hits -->        <div v-if="query && hits.length == 0">No results</div>        <div v-else></div>        <!-- hide pagination if 1 or less pages -->        <ais-pagination v-if="nbPages > 1"/>      </template>    </ais-state-results>  </ais-instant-search></template>

NOTE: Refer to Setup Algolia InstantSearch on Nuxt/Vue for complete code.

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